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Oxygen Facials & Luxury Facial Treatments in Sydney

Facial Clinic

The Ultimate in Skin Pampering – Your Sanctuary Day Spa’s Facial Clinic.
Indulge and Pamper yourself with a “Your Sanctuary” Facial, choose from the selection below:

Skin Renewal Facial
The quick pick me up for busy people on the go. A thorough double cleanse, exfoliation masque, vitamin therapy A, E & C. A 10 minute facial massage, including either hand or foot massage.1/2 hour – $120

Deluxe Facial
A thorough double cleanse, two masques, vitamin therapy A E & C. A 20 minute facial and decolletage massage, including hand and foot massage. Wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing.1 hour – $195

Spa Deluxe Facial
The indulgent facial to soothe your skin care worries away. Relax and enjoy this serene experience. A thorough double cleanse, two masques, vitamin therapy A, E & C. A 30 minute facial and decolletage massage including a scalp, hand and foot massage. Also a complimentary eye brow shape, or eye lash tint, or eye brow tint, is included with this premium facial.1 1/2 hours – $235

The Deep Cleanse Facial
Is your skin sluggish, suffering from clogged pores, blackheads, inflammation, excess oiliness. If so, then this is the facial for you, the skin beams with vitality after this invigorating experience. This facial will leave your skin nourished and hydrated, yet thoroughly and deeply cleansed.1 1/2 hours – $235

The preferred skin care range of Your Sanctuary Day Spa is the french cosmetic product “Gernetic”. This is a holistic approach to skin care based on vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and plant extracts.

Our facials are designed according to your skin’s needs by one of our qualified therapists.

Specialty Facials

The “Your Sanctuary” Pure Oxygen Facial
The Pure Oxygen Gas skin treatment system will flood the skin with 180 million nutrient particles a second of pure Oxygen Gas, Vitamins A C and E and essential Minerals – to regenerate and boost the health of every skin cell. The result is an instant fresh rejuvenated skin, glowing with good health that looks and feels younger and younger with every treatment.1 hour – $195

The “Your Sanctuary” Pure Oxygen Euphoria Facial
Our amazing Oxygen facial (as above) combined with the inhalation of pure oxygen, inclusive of a hand, foot and scalp massage to revitalise and calm the senses. This exhilarating experience will refresh the whole body, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. The ultimate wellness experience.1 1/2 hours- $235

Intensive Neck Treatment
To restore elasticity, hydrate and nourish. Helps restore a more youthful appearance. A six week course is recommended.1/2 hour – $95

Oxygen Therapy & Oxygen Facials

What do Kirstie Alley, Demi Moore, Cher, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Pricilla Presley, Melanie Griffiths, Lisa Presley and Sylvester Stallone know about 21st Century Skin Care that you don’t know?

It’s the choice of celebrities in their quest for a youthful appearance, with each treatment the skin looks younger and younger – a natural facelift.

The answer is: PURE OXYGEN GAS – the 21st Century Cosmeceutical treatment that speaks for itself…

If you want skin like a movie star you need the latest anti-ageing breakthrough from the U.S.A, oxygen facials.


Contact Your Sanctuary Day Spa and indulge in one of our large range of facials, including the amazing oxygen facial.

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