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Tattoo Removal Specialist in Sydney – Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Do you have a Tattoo you wish you didn’t?
  • Do you have a Tattoo of someone’s name, you wish you didn’t?
  • Do you simply wish to fade a Tattoo, so you may replace it with another one?

This is now possible at Sydney’s Leading Tattoo Removal Specialist in Sydney. Your Sanctuary Day Spa offers the latest in cutting edge technology, this is done by using Laser light to break up the tattoo ink within the skin over a number of treatments whereby the tattoo fades after each treatment until the tattoo has been completely or almost eliminated.

How does it work?
The laser sends energy into the dermis and breaks up the tattoo pigment into tiny pieces. These can move through the hypodermis to be eliminated by the lymphatic system.

  • Pulses of light are emitted at nanasecond pulse duration
  • The laser light is directed onto the tattoo whereby the light is absorbed by the tattoo ink. This causes a photo acoustic effect which results from the generation of shock waves following laser irradiation.

Tattoo process

How many treatments are necessary?
The number of treatments necessary depends on the individual being treated. It depends on how old the tattoo is, what type of ink was used and how deep it was placed into the dermis.

Only the top layer of pigment can be treated at any one time, so it also depends on how many layers of ink has been trapped under the skin to create the tattoo.

Professional Tattoos may require ten or more laser treatments, while self applied tattoos may fade after four laser tattoo removal treatments. It all depends on the individual, and must be treated in that manner.

How often do tattoo’s need to be treated for effective removal?
Tattoos can be treated once every four to eight weeks

Do all colours of ink disappear equally as well?
No – Dark  blue/black inks and red inks tend to have the highest response. Oranges and purple tattoos usually respond well. Green and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove, although additional treatments can produce further fading.White tattoos reflect laser light and therefore do not respond to laser treatment.

What does laser tattoo removal feel like?
The laser feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Most people do not require anaesthesia, but you can manage your discomfort by applying an anaesthetic cream before the process (usually 1 hour before treatment commences). The amount of discomfort will also depend on the size and complexity of the tattoo being removed.

A professional consultation is extremely important, so your procedure may be explained in detail, plus a ‘patch test’ to ensure you are a candidate for this procedure.


Consultation & Patch Test: $115.00 
Laser Treatement:BEAUTY ON a Budget*
per treatment, size of a normal business card.
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$ 75.00


We are a qualified and accredited Laser Tattoo Removalist Specialist.

Tattoo removal - before and after

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